How we can help you to renovate your home


In order to transform your home, you can choose between three different options, which Roberto Silvestri, interior architect, will personally oversee. The first consists of the drafting of the Functional Aesthetic Project only. With this option, you will receive a project that has been designed just for you, which you could carry out alone by following our designs in terms of the layout plan, measurements, furnishings and materials. It is a genuine project where the details are left in your hands. It is recommended for people that are familiar with interior architecture or those that have renovated homes before. If you would like to have a more comprehensive package, you could add the Executive Project, which includes construction details, systems, council paperwork and permits, specifications, the works contract and includes a good three visits to the site by one of our interior architects. This project is more advanced in respect to the previous one and allows you to face the work with a flawless package in your hands that has been created by an interior architect with decades of experience.


It is recommended for people that want to oversee the work by themselves, yet do not have previous experience. If, in the end, you would like Roberto Silvestri to oversee the entire completion of the work, we can carry out the Work Supervision, with weekly visits to the site to check on the progress of the project and to ensure that it is being carried our impeccably. In this instance you would not have to worry about a thing, just arrive at the end of your renovation without any problems, because the problems will have already been solved by the interior architect Roberto Silvestri, who will only ask you to choose the materials, colours and all the architectural finishes, if you wish him to. It is recommended for those who want to avoid any hassle!


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